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GlobalTop provide complete and innovative GPS solutions through comprehensive services.

GlobalTop Technology is the top professional provider of Mediatek (MTK) GPS modules. Besides offering high performance design and complete manufacturing chain, GlobalTop firmly believes our quality of service and support are the keys to many of our client's successes in integrating our GPS solutions.

  • GNSS Modules

    GNSS Modules

    GlobalTop designs and manufactures the world's best-in-class quality GPS Antenna and Standalone Modules for all kinds of applications. GPS Antenna Modules contain pre-tuned antenna and are all-in-one solutions. GPS standalone Modules are for experienced system designers who are familiar with antenna design.

  • Smart GNSS

    Smart GNSS

    GlobalTop -the next generation Smart GPS provider has moved further step in making GlobalTop’s GPS smarter than ever. These Smart GPS modules are embedded with sensor fusion algorithm supporting multiaxial sensors. With such well advanced technology, you can make your personal and vehicular navigation system smarter.

  • GPS Software Service

    GPS Software Service

    GlobalTop GPS modules support a wide variety of software solution and customization feature that enhances GPS receiving functionality, saves power, and increases efficiency. We can tailor made the GPS module that best fits your needs and elevate user experiences.

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